We rent a cottage that according to its location – Nature Park Lonjsko polje, could become one of the destinations for group or individual visits. In the area of the ​nature park, there are two ornithological reserves. Krapje Đol has been declared to be a special zoological (ornithological) Reserve 1963., and is spread over an area of ​25 ha, Rakita with its 430 ha was declared a special ornithological reserve in 1969. Images were recorded within 1 km from the cottage Flooding in this area provides a special and rich diversity of vegetation, and it manifests itself in biological value in ornithofauna – bird species that live and nest there. The most famous bird species are spoonbill heron, and the most common are heron and the white stork, egret white, yellow heron, night heron, egret Little Bittern and others. Birds can be seen and observed in the ornithological reserve Krapje Đol, the area of Basin, which extends from the village Drenov Bok to Krapje. PLACES TO VISIT Lonjsko polje/Nature Park – Europe’s largest natural spawning habitat for northern pike and many rare birds, such as herons spoonbill Krapje Đol – the greatest ornithological reserve in Europe Čigoć – European Stork Village / Village where live more white storks than people Look up a couple of interesting links http://www.lonjsko-polje.com/fauna/ptice/53 http://www.pp-lonjsko-polje.hr/Posjete_Cigoc.htm http://www.worldmigratorybirdday.org/2008/ All the sites are within 20 km of our cottage.