Welcome to our families resort Bojko!

We are located in Puska, A small village positioned in „Lonjsko polje“ Nature Park, Located 55km from Sisak and 120km from the city of Zagreb (1h and 20min drive)

The unspoiled localality offers the pleasure of returning to nature, greenery, clear rivers, the aroma of the earth and the surrounding forests. Ideal for relaxing and an escape from everyday life, relaxation, meditation, or a gentle stroll. Theopportunities for the more adventurous, activities of fishing, hunting or boating are also available.In the summer months swimming in the lake, while in the winter days you can expect the magical glow

We look forward to seeing you!

Ideal for relaxing and an escape from everyday life Holidays, weekend breaks, family celebrations and parties, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, team building, New Year’s Eve For hunters and anglers, bird-watchers …..